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Image Usage:

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You may:

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Private use is described by the following examples:

> For use as a screensaver or wallpaper on your personal computer.

> Email an image (for no commercial gain) to a friend or family member for their own personal enjoyment, so long as full recognition is given to

You may not:

• Sell electronic or printed copies of the images and content on this website.

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• Link directly to images stored on this website. This is to preserve my webhosts limited monthly bandwidth allowance - which I pay for!

• Claim the credit for any of the images on this website in any form.

• Make any physical copies or prints of these photographs in any form, for any reason.

Print Usage:

Any photographic prints purchased from T-D Photography are also bound by strict usage rules and are intended solely for private use. Private use is limited to the following examples:

You may not:

• Reproduce the print in any manor, including but not limited to photographing, scanning or photocopying the print.

• Make any commercial gain from the print through resale by any means without express written consent from myself.

• Modify the print in any way, including the removal of any labels attached to the print.

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